What to use?

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I have both cards and I currently use the Ati because the other was problematic with some older versions of drivers.
The 460 has better performance for games, but the other supports more recent subversions of OpenGL 4 and DirectX 11).
I am not a gamer, I just want great desktop performance (editing apps, web graphics etc).
Just for the fun of it.. xD What do you suggest me to use?


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I was about to attach exactly this before but i forgot to. Thanks anyway.. My point was how much real difference do these make.
I think it's improved version of Radeon 7750, so with all new features, optimizations for new rendering technologies it would probably preform little or much better than gtx 460.
More memory and faster memory bandwith... Gtx has larger numbers but slower components to reach it, 3 years older, so like I said, AMD would be a winner here


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I have an GTX 760, my friend has an Radeon, he run the latest games in ultra.. i run in high..
But in this case, Nvidia is the best yes :)

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That won't help him much, Dubseven; in this case he is better of with the Radeon due 2 GB and if he happens to play games that support Mantle he will get more out of the gpu.

/Valentin N