Updates Attack Surface Analyzer - Helps you analyze your OS's security configuration for changes during software installation


Level 2
Feb 26, 2018
Attack Surface Analyzer is a Microsoft-developed open source security tool that analyzes the attack surface of a target system and reports on potential security vulnerabilities introduced during the installation of software or system misconfiguration.

Attack Surface Analyzer 2.1 replaces the original Attack Surface Analyzer tool, released publicly in 2012.

Potential users of Attack Surface Analyzer include:

  • DevOps Engineers - View changes to the system attack surface introduced when your software is installed.
  • IT Security Auditors - Evaluate risk presented by when third-party software is installed.
Core Features
The core feature of Attack Surface Analyzer is the ability to "diff" an operating system's security configuration, before and after a software component is installed. This is important because most installation processes require elevated privileges, and once granted, can lead to unintended system configuration changes.

Attack Surface Analyzer currently reports on changes to the following operating system components:

  • File system (static snapshot and live monitoring available)
  • User accounts
  • Services
  • Network Ports
  • Certificates
  • Registry
  • COM Objects (New!)
  • Event Logs (New!)
  • Firewall Settings (New!)
All data collected is stored in a local SQLite database called asa.sqlite.

Source: microsoft/AttackSurfaceAnalyzer