Did you have problems associated with the Windows AU?

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It has been 3 Weeks since the release of the Windows Anniversary Update,and a multitude of problems associated with it have been well publicised online..

The after effects of the AU varied dramatically from person to person.Some were completely unaffected while others experienced issues that very nearly wrecked their machine..
Of those that fell into the latter category some reverted back to an earlier Windows OS,while others completely ditched Windows in favour of Apple or Linux.
There are some (myself included) that are still holding off from allowing the AU onto their system,

Did YOU have problems associated with the Windows AU?
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Did the upgrade the day it got released 3 weeks ago. No clean install, just over the old version upgraded. Not a single problem until now. all i can say it that the machine is in fact realy faster and snappier than before the AU update. My gf have no single problem too. tryed it on my mother laptop but there was some network and graphic problems. needed to do a backup to the old Windows 10 version. so i was just some of the lucky ones without a single problem.

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The only issue I had with the update was my Xbox one wireless controller would connect and then immoderately disconnect but after some more Windows updates and googling for solutions it was suggested that I repair the devices. So I did that and now it works flawlessly again.

It also seemed to fix my nvidia blue screens I was getting whenever my laptop would resume from sleep which got quite annoying. Now I can have very long uptimes and I only restart for updates. I was so happy it got fixed cause I was honestly ready to throw my laptop out the window and get a MacBook :rolleyes:


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A significant portion of users experienced problems with AU; AU is one of Microsoft's worst updates in the history of Windows. I am not sure which one is the very worst of all time in terms of problems\breakages, but AU has to be in the top 20.
What are some of the problems people have been running into? I've had nothing but a good experience with it. o_O