Auslogics Disk Defrag, Defraggler or Smart Defrag?

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between, Auslogics Disk Defrag, Defraggler and smart defrag.

Which you have chosen as an effective defragmenter? ,
and what is the reason you chose it?


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Out of all the 3 choices you've mentioned, I choose Smart Defrag since It has Automatic Defrag, Boot time Defrag and can optimize your hard drive, Plus its fast and free, What's not to like? Auslogics is good for a basic defragger that can optimize your hard drive, Defraggler includes Boot time but it has no option optimize your hard drive,

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i used perfect disk and really like it, then i tried almost all the free defragger available. the 3 best for me are : Smart Defrag, Puran and Mydefrag.

mydefrag can use your own script but the interface is "ugly", Puran and smart defrag have the same options than Perfect Disk.

since Iobit seems good to be "inspired" by other vendor, i hope that Smart Defrag is inspired by Perfect Disk :p

seriously , i use Smart Defrag than Puran, just for the interface.


Ausologics. Defraggler is a bit too cluttered and I have never used iObit products (Smart Defrag etc) for two reasons:
1) MBAM Signature Stealing. I know, I know, it was ages ago but my respect went
2) I tried another one of iObit's products and it ruined my Vista install forcing me onto Ubuntu which was screwed up until a I got a
new comp or Windows 7 as my Vista CD's didn't work


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Auslogics is really fast, Smart Defrag has many features. The choice depends on your tastes, both are good products.

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I would go smart defrag; the time I used it it did well and what it should do. Auslogics Disk Defrag is also go but has few options. I personally use Puran. Defraggler is something I haven't tried


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HeffeD said:
eXPerience said:
UltimateDefrag :p (there's a free version also)

I see a free trial, but not a free version. Can you provide a link?

The freeware version is just as good as the paid version but has some limited features for customization. However it doesn't affect basic defragging.

I personally believe that Auslogics, Puran Freeware, UltimateDefrag Freeware, SmartDefrag, Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp and Defraggler are comparable, it all depends on individual customizations. With so many excellent freeware defraggers, it would be insane to buy one.

My two favorites are Auslogics and Puran Freeware. I use both on different systems.



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I prefer SmartDefrag 2 for three reasons:

1. Real Time Defragmentation

2. Boot Time Defragmentation

3. Great Interface Design.


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Right now I'm using Auslogics Disk Defrag, main reason : Speed.
With Auslogics the analysis and defragmentation are really faster when compared with Defraggler.

A usefull feature that I've notice in Auslogics and didn't see in Defraggler is the "Optimize" feature which will optimize your hard drives' file system to gain even higher performance.

Note : I've just installed Smart Defrag, so I can't comment yet.


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Ok so I have installed Smart Defrag and the first thing that I've notice was : IObit
anyway... I've downloaded the installer and run it....Quick tip : Be very carefull when installing Smart Defrag...

Like a true newbie I've just click "Yes" ,"Yes" ... and I've manage to install the toolbar (who is still using those in 2011?...... :dodgy: )



I also don;t like the fact that by default Smart Defrag runs in the backround (as part of it's Automatic Defragmentation feature) and when you want to remove Smart Defrag from your system the toolbar isn't removed.....


The UI just like in Defraggler seems very "old fashion" and dosen't really have anything modern into it.

I'll keep trying Smart Defrag .....maybe I'll see something that I like..... :angel:



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uncheck auto defrag, so when you will close it, the process will disappear.

for the interface still nicer than Puran ^^

off topic: its is good that is Iobit, maybe Smart Defrag uses Perfect Disk Engine... hahaha
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