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Apr 3, 2017

I have recently clean installed Windows 8.1. And after I added my set of extensions to Chrome and Vivaldi, I got pop-ups on both browsers for a couple of times. The extensions I use are uBlock origin, https everywhere and zenmate (of which only zenmate requires sign-up).
The Chrome pop-up (which I got only once) was "authentication pop-up" and it showed two fields for username and password.
The Vivaldi pop-up was more annoying, it said "the proxy https: //silver-chambers.... requires a username and password. I got the Vivaldi pop-up for 3 or 4 times.
I thought these pop-ups were related to zenmate, since it's my only extension that requires registration, but I noticed that these pop-ups showed up when I was already signed-in in zenmate?

The pop-ups have stopped, but I'm still worried. I have scanned my laptop with EEK and Hitman pro, and my laptop seems to be clean. But I still want to know what caused these pop-ups? What else should I do after they had stopped?
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