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Great Job the usual suspects, Avast/avira/avg (now)

WD great job!

Panda always scores amazing, But in all my testings i've found their cloud AV to be clunky as all hell, Popups for detections don't appear until
about 20-30 seconds after file has been removed (much like BD free on this machine)
Pluss their detections never seemed that great static wise (im willing to bet they ramp up on-execution)

Eset! what the hell happened to them recently? :eek:
I still remember being wowed by them back around 2006-07 with the name NOD32 and the iRobot avatar.


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Emsisoft is overrated....Lots of fans here... If fact I've always wondered if Malwaretips is associated with any persons who sale security software. Just asking.
Yep, Emsisoft is overrated as much as Comodo is but with less bugs/second. About the forum being associated with Emsisoft the answer is no but what does that have to do with anything.


It appears that most people just bother to look at the silly pretty bar graphs but do not bother to analyze the data and understand what the report is actually saying.

The bottom line is the figures given in the Compromised column. That's all that should really matter to users.


"What's best AV ?" this time ?????

Look at the figures in the Compromised column. (Looks like ESET had a terrible test day. Sometimes that is just how it goes.)