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Just because someone doesn't let videos of their testing with proof out, doesn't mean they are corrupt. They have their own technologies and set-up while testing for various software. Their methodologies might not be satisfactory and you can't compare one test with another to get the same review output, because they are testing on different environments. Every antivirus vendor pays them the same amount of money to get tested.

This is similar to any work that every other company does. They don't let anyone outside to know what they are doing, they just give the output of their work to the public or other individuals.

Just because an antivirus doesn't score good, doesn't mean it's bad or any worse than the others. It might perform better in various other tests, or if not, there's still scope for improvement which is a good thing.


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It's been a long discussion topic how AV testers are actually managed. It's no recent news.

As for the test, I'm impressed Vipre was even tested. I knew it was developing a good software, but not as to score as high as that. I do not really guide by this tests, but as well I've seen users recommend it. Might give it a try.


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Splitting detection hairs between Vipre, Trend, Emsisoft, Bitdefender, Avira... statistically, it just isn't significant in the course of typical computing.

At least you know Emsisoft's Behavior Blocker\HIPS is doing a great job from the results (yellow part of column). Anyone who has used EAM\EIS knows what I mean. Emsisoft is one of the best all the way around - with virtually no major issues.

ESET bad day. That's just how it goes sometimes.
I start doubting Emsi is still so good .....I hope you are right.
It surprises me to see how Emsi that has Bitdefender's signature+ Emsi PUP signatures+ Emsi BB and exploit protection detects less and with lot of user interaction than Bitdefender (that doesn't have the PUP of Emsi).
Trend and F-secure are not so stellar in the malware HUB.