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Yep, Avira is really bad in Zero-Day malwares.

Im thinking about heading to Emsisoft or Kaspersky, depending how theyre getting in their next versions.

Avast is already developing on stuff for their 2016 versions, i would like to know what it is.


Bullguard and Lavasoft use older or current Bitdefender engines, why the huge differences?

Sometimes it seems that, while an AV vendor may use a leased scan engine, the signatures may not be identical. They might be older.

That issue might be due to logistics, lease agreement terms, etc, etc.

This sort of issue has been raised regarding the detection differences between two vendors that lease the same scan engine.

Who know why that is...


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Emsisoft's realtime protection also uses BD engine: see the BD sig (I can recognize a BD sig just from the way it's displayed) + EMSI adds (B) when its a BD dection, (A) when its an in house engine detection
Don't know about LavaSoft and Bullguard tho, they might only use BD when running a static scan


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Avira's protection capabilities is really a super impact when samples bypass cause it does not have user interaction with BB/HIPS/even Cloud taking the file which premature and not tested.

However it doesn't mean its worst already, sometimes user reviews are accurate at all than in its testing organization.
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I have had both Avira and Kaspersky in the past. Kaspersky really slowed my system down and it created lots of work when it updated!

I've only used Avira once or twice in VMs so I cannot speak for it, but each time I've used Kaspersky on an actual machine, it slowed it to the point of being unusable; and I'm not talking about some old slow poke XP machine either. I gave Kaspersky several chances, each and every time it either crashed the system or made it unusable (or almost unusable). I'm not saying it doesn't have great protection, it does, I just simply won't ever use it because of the multiple system gunk-ups it caused.
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