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I don't give a ... about this tests.

I test my self some products and I like:
1. Kaspersky
2. G Data
3. Emsisoft
5. Bitdefender
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Vipre is a good engine, Badiu is also way better, I guess we can compare this with the tests from our forum. Also, I don't understand how products that have BitDefender engine are so low ... you take two different engines and even if the updates are 1 day delay you still have equal or better then one of the products.

Baidu = Avira + Kaspersk + Baidu engine and it is so bad ?

Eset is in top 3, we all know that from our tests. Panda is 4-5th place.... and so on.

This is how I think so please don't start a little war :)
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I respect AV-Comparatives more than youtube reviews.

Edit: of course I take their results with a grain of salt as well. At least they don't bash MSE like AV-Test.
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Look at Trend Micro and McAfee on false positives. Haha
they are the winners in detection false positive, gratulation! advanced+++ for destroying legitim windows programms and maybe destroying some os. thats why i would rather chose a av with almost 0 fp with middle protection than an av with superb protection and much fp that justs harms more than a malware itself.
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