Level 26
Which antivirus (free/paid) has the best GUI (Graphical User Interface) according to you.

2 products: atmost can be nominated
7 most nominated products from this list will be selected for the poll thread next week.
2nd Oct 2018: Last date for nominations

Note 1: Post screenshot of the antivirus for others to see if you want to.

Note2: This is not a thread for your favorite antivirus for protection etc., but the one that has the best UI according to you, no matter how bad the software is!

Note3: If you don't have a favorite UI you can also post your own representation of a UI in an antivirus modeled by you.

To make things easier for you these are some of the AV's that comes into my mind.

  1. Kaspersky (8)​
  2. Emsisoft (5)​
  3. ESET (4)​
  4. Comodo (4)​
  5. Windows (2)​
  6. Bitdefender (2)​
  7. Norton (1)​
  8. Trend Micro (2)​
  9. AVG (1)​
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