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I am running KIS 2017 & performance mentioned matches with my system here i.e KIS 2017 is light with everything here as mentioned in the test details.

I have AIS license & thinking of installing it on one of my systems here, is Avast performance really that heavy as mentioned in the test details?


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Have a look at ESET - Loading of popular websites is slowed by 53% on a standard PC whereas on a high end PC ESET slows things by 89% against an industry average of 18% ??? - Certainly not my experience after recently installing ESET again after trying out Trend & Panda among others, pretty sure I would notice a slowdown of such magnitude - Think I'll underclock my CPU to gain advantage in loading websites :)


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Not really fair on Panda & Avast for example using the free version against some premium suites from other companies.
On default settings, it doesn't make any difference, both free and paid versions have probably exactly the same detection level.


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I'm quite surprise for Quick heal.

However their performance can be very far compare to major giant competitors; protection capabilities are not in full force even contain DNA (heuristics) and BB.

The rest still as usual, so be ready for another proud award/ achievements in their product advertisements.


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Avira performance?!!!
ESET performance ?!!!
cannot be sure about the result cause I m using Windows 7 ,but lot s of people complain about Avira nowadays,and lot of people are enjoying ESET,esp for its lightness