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Hi Avast fans,

I'm glad to announce a new version of Avast Antivirus for Windows (Free, Pro, Internet Security, Premier).
Version number: 2015.10.2.2214

What's new:

- Improved Windows 10 Compatibility

- Browser Cleanup integrated to Avast UI and added to Smart Scan

- WebShield improvements for faster browsing and fixed issues with expired certificates

- Avast NG virtualization – performance and stability fixes

- AccessAnywhere feature is removed and replaced with remote connection feature available through Account screen in all editions(not limited to Premier)

- New design of Chrome plugin

- Better license activation during setup

It's recommended to use the in-product update (Settings->Update->Program), if you have Avast already installed.

Enjoy this version, it's much better than the previous ;-)

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This release is running great on Windows 8.1 laptop, 8 GB RAM i5 processor. Closed down Webroot AV and notice no difference using Avast Free, including Chrome browser speed. I hope this is the beginning of a more trouble free Avast, like older times.