Avast 2015 R2 Release Candidate 2

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May 25, 2014
Hi all,

I'm glad to announce new release candidate version: AVAST 2015 R2 Release Candidate 2 (build number 2015.10.2.2212)

RC 2 Contains these improvements:
- NG is now installed on computers with disabled virtualization CPU extension (valid only for Vista and 7 32 bit).

- Win10 - feel free to update from Win7+ to Win10 with Avast R2 installed

- Stream filter - fixed problem for IE and corrupted/expired certificates

Known issues:

- Please tell us about them

RC 1 Contains these improvements:
- Performance optimalizations in webshield and file system shield. Now they work much better than ever.
- DNT in IE AOSP plugin will not crash anymore
- AswVmm.sys driver - internal NG improvements
- Fresh new design of the Chrome Online Security extension. Do not track detection enabled by default.
- Https scanning works in Opera browser 25+

Beta 2 Contains these improvements:
- Performance fixes in stream filter
- IE AOSP plugin is more stable than ever
- NG now can be installed on x86 machines without VTx/AMDv
- BCU internal improvements

What's new in Beta 1:

- Improved Windows 10 Compatibility
- Changed setup flow for better license activation
- Avast NG – lot’s of performance and stability fixes
- AccessAnywhere function is removed and replaced with new remote connection feature available through Account screen in all editions
- Browser Cleanup integrated to Avast UI and added to Smart Scan
- GrimeFighter now supports UEFI
- Stability and performance improvements
- Changed version number to support minor versions - 2015.10.2.2209(previously 2015.10.0.2208)

How to install:

1. If you have installed some beta version before you can update it to this latest version via Settings->Update->Program.

2. Or you can download and install from here:


Avast cleaner:

SOURCE: https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=166883.0
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