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May 25, 2014
Hi all,

we have just released update of Avast 2015 R2 SP1(build number 2015.10.2.2215).

Build contains these fixes:
- Unable to insert Avast SecureLine license
- Failed to load language dll [1033\UILangRes.dll] error after update
- Mail Shield blocked Windows Live Mail connection
- BCU problems with removing addons in silent mode

And some minor internal fixes for BSODs

How to install:

1. If you have installed some version before you can update it to this latest version via Settings->Update->Program.

2. Or you can download and install from here:

Avast cleaner:

It should be possible to install this version on top of your existing avast! installation (all settings should be preserved).

To report BSODs, crashes or any other none trivial problems please use new SupportPackage generating tool.

Instructions how to use it can be easily found:

Thank you and enjoy new version,
Avast team



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Dec 4, 2013
Thank you @Secondmineboy! This may be just what I need, although I've not experienced the dreaded BSODs (yet) our Avast! has been behaving ( can I describe it?) with an 'ultra-hardened' web site scanning manner that does not allow all connections. Happily, I'm able to log on here to MT!:D

Edit: I appreciated this thread because it reminded me, especially since I've been under the weather, that something was definitely wrong with our 8.1 system. This became noticeable after updating the program a few days ago. I'd experienced connectivity problems with sites such as Gmail & The Chrome Store (thankfully not MT) and most often when using Opera while somewhat less using Firefox, a notice from Avast! would alert the site's certificates were invalid, and Opera would advise trying again because of a problem with my VPN. The difference with this corrective update is Avast!'s VPN which I do not subscribe to is now gone!:):) Ahhh, life's nearly back to normal.:p
Now, if I can only get over this virus...:confused: (It's one effecting my body, & not my computer system).:rolleyes:
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Oct 29, 2013
I had BSOD seven times with Avast.
It took me some time to repair my pc.
I couldn't believe it was Avast,and I checked and rechecked everything else,until remained only Avast.
Uninstalled and promised to myself:
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