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Hi all,

New beta version is released: AVAST 2015 R4 RC (build number 2015.10.4.2232).

This is release candidate, again available for all users, including XP users.

I know this beta testing of R4 was little bit boring, but don't worry the next beta will be for V2016 and there will be more fun for you ;-) Coming soon...

- removed limitation for Windows XP users
- fixed issues with payment gates ( Sytempay is banished by Avast. Which French bank is the friend of Avast ?, Avast seems to block payments made with a french payment platform)
- fixed issues with not showing images on some sites (Images not loading on and other websites, Avast blocking images on yahoo sites )

How to install:

1. If you have installed some beta version before you can update it to this latest version via Settings->Update->Program.

2. Or you can download and install from here:

How to provide feedback
Please for specific issues set a new topic in the Beta section (Beta). For general open discussion feel free to use this thread.

Avast cleaner:

It should be possible to install this version on top of your existing avast! installation (all settings should be preserved).

To report BSODs, crashes or any other none trivial problems please use new SupportPackage generating tool.

Instructions how to use it can be easily found:
- Avast FAQ | Support: Submitting a support file using the Avast Support Tool

We are looking forward for your feedback!

Thank you
Avast team

SOURCE: NEW: AVAST 2015 R4 RC (2015.10.4.2232)
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As Avast user, I love how they fix bugs all the time (and it's very fast). I hope that in the 2016 version, they will add new features (like they added HIPS), improve what they have now.
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HIPS will be much better in 2016 :)

Also more settings^^

A new SafeZone, maybe a new tray icon context menu and maybe something regarding DeepScreen (Automated generation of Dyna-Gen sigs)

But dont quote me on the tray icon and DeepScreen, theres exactly no info yet. :)

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