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Hi all,

I'm glad to announce the availability of avast! 7 R2 beta candidate (build 7.0.1412)

Feel free to download it here

Fixed issues (from 7.0.1407)
- Autosandbox BSODs
- Too much activity of File System Shield
- UI crashes
- Show Installation Completed window just once
- Problem with not running Mail shield
- Incorrect marking emails as a SPAM
- Slowdown of system after fresh installation
- And some security & user improvements

Again, thank you for your feedback about version 7.0.1407 and sorry for any inconvenience with that version.

How to install it
Just run the setup executable (links above). This version can be installed on top of your existing avast installation (7.x, 6.x).

Known issues
- incompatible with Win 8 Consumer Preview(will be fixed soon)

Be sure to give feedback to avast! if you experienced issues previously :)
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