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jim lin

Level 8
AVAST 8 R2 beta 3 (8.0.1486)

This program update contains the following major features:
SecureLine - is a paid VPN service that both secures and anonymizes your internet connection on public or "open" (unsecured) Wi-Fi. Nobody can see who you are or what you are doing on the internet. Now, this beta contains fully functional trials, so enjoy it and let us know :)
Screen readers compatibility
WebRep plugins have been redesigned to provide stable and effective solution in all supported browsers
Software Updater improvements (including a way to turn off Software Update persistently)
Shredder tool is showing a progress now
Improved stability & performance
Fixed glitches in UI

Known issues:
Manual restart required on WinXP after Uninstallation
WebRep - minor issues in Chrome if it detects phishing sites
WebRep - might cause browsing delays in IE8
WebRep - incorrect webrep installation in Safari
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