Browser Add-on Avast acquires I don't care about Cookies browser extension

Bumblebee Uncle

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Mar 15, 2022
Study after study after study (after study after study) has proven it's incredibly easy to re-identify individuals from 'anonymous' data.

They didn't apologise at first, they tried to downplay the ordeal:

He doesn't get to define what a privacy scandal is, and his assertion that the sold data can't be re-identified is, as proven above, false.
Their apology only came over a month after the scandal had broken, and it's clear that they were only sorry they'd got caught, not for their practices, as their 2019 half-year financial presentation boasted about Jumpshot's expansion and revenue generation (they shut down Jumpshot at the beginning of 2020 for context).

So, yeah, not a fan.
Insightful analysis. Thank you for linking the studies. Super helpful :)