Level 8

Avast Software is a Czech Republic company located in Prague.
Their flagship software, Avast, was once the most hated software because it was very slow to detect attacks.
The software has matured over the versions and has become the preferred antivirus software of the Net surfer!
As every year, Avast comes back with a new version, and this time, the publisher is still muscle its defenses, especially against Phishing and defense IA Machine Learning.
The bet is made, Avast is very effective.
It blocks all of our infected links.
On the pack Avast cartonne, only one PUP is passed.
His behavioral protection is formidable, our test malware could not be passed and Avast caught up and even avoided all the pitfalls that were submitted to him.
Avast is an antivirus that we strongly recommend, this is one of our favorite free!