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Hi all,
we are introducing new beta version 17.4.2292:

What's new:
- updated GUI framework CEF to the latest version

This is a huge change with impact on a whole product. Please watch any UI crashes or not working pages.

- offline installation on Win XP without internet connection crashes, this scenario will not be supported anymore

Download links:
BETA testing - Overview & Download links

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.



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Hi trying this again ,just wanted to know how much does the behaviour shield slow down a pc in avast.
I've not noticed any significant slowdown since Avast integrated their behaviour shield and I'm running it on a low-end system (3-year old i3 and 8GB of RAM). Your mileage may vary so I suggest you install it yourself and see if you suffer any noticeable slowdown.
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Would smartscreen be enough though and behaviour shield from Avast not needed I am running creators update
I don't really understand what you're asking but I'll just give you my advice assuming you're wanting to install Avast:
If you're planning on installing Avast I'd suggest choosing custom installation and selecting File System Shield, Behaviour Shield and Web Shield. You've no need to install any other components if you don't want to.
You mention you don't need behaviour shield but be aware that if something isn't detected by Avast's signatures then you're relying on DeepScan and CyberCapture for detection and those can be hit-or-miss.

Smartscreen should always be enabled system-wide even with any antivirus product installed.
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Thks just being sure on avast since there are still a few bugs and I had problems with it with Macrium.That is fixed in beta 2292 though.