Battle Avast Free Anti-Virus 2016 vs SecureAPlus Free (Latest)

DJ Panda

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Aug 30, 2015
Avast and SecureAPlus have been fairly interesting for me. Both seem to have great scanning and protection. Which would you choose?

NOTE: I have heard that SecureAPlus may have a really slow scan in the beginning. If that something you don't like that fine, Avast has a slow scan as well so I am not counting against either one.


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Jan 8, 2011

DJ Panda

Level 30
Aug 30, 2015
Thread Approved. Here are the official websites:
@J Gamez065 If all factors are to be considered, why is the initial slow scanning ignored?
  • System Resource Usage
  • Realistic Performance Impact
  • Ease of Use
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Inclusive Product Features
  • Preferred Product and Why?

I just don't really want someones descion to be decided by the speed of a scan. Such slower scans can mean even more files looked at. :)


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Apr 1, 2015
Both are good. Just a couple of points that came to my mind:

Avast with Hardenmode (aggressive) is a nice white-list. They have a large database of good files (I rarely see false positves, and if I encounter one, I can easily add an exclusion). Avast free does tend to be high sometimes on marketing popups (depends on the month). Avast is a product that has been around longer. They have a behavior blocker , which SecureAplus lacks. If you use Hardenmode Agressive, I believe the behavior blocker is no longer used since it is using a strict white-list and doesn't care about the characteristics of files. Creating a password with Avast to protect against someone running a blocked file is easy. With SecureAplus, it is harder (you have to create a another user account). Avast also has a Web Filter, SecureAplus doesn't.

SecureAplus is also good. No nags. Freemium includes 1 year of protection. After that, you either buy or get points to extend your free version. It isn't hard to get points, but for multiple computers it can be cumbersome. Their white-list is also large and doesn't have many false positives (a little more than Avast IMO). The white-list popup is nice. It shows whether the file has been signed and how it rates on VirusTotal.

Scan time doesn't matter to me. The initial scan for SecureAplus is normal. It takes that long because it has to scan all of your files via Universal AV. Once done, scans are fast.

My vote went towards Avast (particularly their Avast Business Basic (free) AV).
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Mar 15, 2011
For me that comparison is so different.

When it comes to detection then of course SecureAPlus has numerous online engine to rely vs. Avast (except that SecureAlplus Clamwin definitely a so-so)

The talk here is using Whitelisting technology vs Avast's HIPS, DeepScreen, Sandbox and Hardening Mode.

Well SecureAplus Whitelisting is strongly effective although you need to configure and build enough rules when online cloud is not available.

Meanwhile Avast strong point goes to Hardening Mode which can prevent majority of threats in aggressive as mentioned by @motox781.


Overall you can use two of them as your setup. ;)


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Jul 3, 2015
unless you will include Clam (and this is not recommended), you will not get a normal AV with SecureAPlus. The multiple cloud scanner does not block baddies, it only notifies. And it doesn't do in-depth scanning. Bottom line: you don't have real AV protection with SecureAPlus alone. It is best used as a companion product, unless you want to rely mainly on the whitelisting function to protect you from baddies.