AVAST Free Antivirus 2015‎ vs Norton Security Suite

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AVAST Free Antivirus 2015‎ vs Norton Security Suite (Comcast)
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Hello, I'm new here. I just clean installed Windows 10 and am wondering what AV to use. I've used avast! free for the last 3 years (windows 7 and 8), but now that I'm on a new sparkly clean OS, I've decided to reevaluate and survey the field for cheap or preferably free options. Panda , Avast, Avira, BitDefender, etc.

It seems to me, from what I've read, the most balanced in terms of zero day and general protection (online or off) is Avast (talking about across the board protection, heuristics/behavior/signtatures/yada yada, avast just got HIPS too). Comcast offers Norton for free though, a full security suite. Norton is never mentioned as a top contender nowadays. However, how does it compare to avast free? Thanks folks!
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Hello welcome to MT :)

I 'd pick Avast free, I'm used to its settings... and with hardened mode can protect more effective. Its been a while since I used Norton. It was pretty good when I used it.

It depends on if you want a change or go with what you know... but both are light and decent choices.
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In terms of features which you may tweak and offers optimum protection then go for Avast Free.

Since Comcast offers Norton for Free in that case then you may consider to have that as you don't need to sacrifice more time in tweaks. Let it keep your internet connectivity active.
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Avast! Free is a very good online, offline antivirus you can depend on. The only draw back of Avast Free is its Promotional ads even though you can disable them.


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But Comcast Norton is a full security suite. It seems to be that despite that, you guys are suggesting avast free is better because it has better protection?

I looked at AV comparatives labs and AV test, one doesn't even bother to test Norton, the other rates Norton better in protection and performance (that was in May/June though), respectively.

Other than the AV test result, I don't know enough about Norton to assert that it is in fact better than avast free or not.
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@madscientist24 : Symantec decided itself not to participate on testing organizations like AV-Comparatives due to many issues.

The reason that some users recommended Avast Free is due to well balance components which not totally relying on traditional signatures.

But Norton's Sonar is totally acceptable to balance their cloud (Download Insight) and File Protect but still detection rates are vary based on user input reviews but can be recommend as it promotes to be comfortable to use from novice users besides on higher levels.


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I like Norton, but most here speak up for Avast, but poll voting is 8 to nothing for Norton lol.
I am confused :)


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It is kind of difficult to pick Avast when Norton is a security suite and Avast an AV.Norton is normally paid security suite but is free for Comcast users.I would lean towards NIS even though my experience years ago with Norton was not good especially trying to get rid of it from a computer.It is much better now and offers very good protection also just as Avast does.
You already know what Avast does so you could give NIS a try and see how you like it.Although it might be less of a headache to just stick with AVAST.
Make sure your using the compatible Windows 10 version if you do decide to go with Norton because,and I may be wrong,Norton did not have a Windows 10 compatible version prior to Windows 10 release.
Please see this link for specific installation instructions for Comcast ISP Norton users Installing Norton Security Suite
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I remember when we got our very first desktop and it came with Norton Antivirus 2005 with Windows XP and then we were wondering why the darn thing was running SO slow (I wonder why? :D)

Granted, now a days Norton is light as a feather and offers amazing detection with it's SONAR, file rep, and the cloud.

I have not used Norton since the 2005 days, so I am not really familiar with it. My very first laptop which had Vista back in 2008 and I decided to use Avast 4.8 and ever since then I have stuck with it. It has saved me quite a few times back then when I was just learning about viruses. I still continue to use Avast to this day, however the ads are getting out of hand.

You really should be comparing AIS with NIS. But I can both are technically free to you.

Here in Canada, Rogers offers Norton for free. I am with Bell and I am stuck with them offering me McAfee for free every month, which I refuse to use.

Norton seems to rely on the cloud a lot now and it's signatures are so so.

Avast has the cloud, deepscreen, evogen, file rep and other features. I believe it will serve you better for offline protection.

I would go with Avast but that's just me. I just can't justify paying for a AV these days. Norton seems to be on the expensive side. But I know for you it's free so it's a tough choice here.

I would test both out and see which you like better.

My school uses Symantec Endpoint Protection though :)
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NIS doesn't rely much on signature much now, it is why the Smart signature are implemented focusing on real living prevalent malwares; as SEP , NIS rely mostly on its prevention features (SONAR, etc...).

i dont like Avast because most of its components are interdependent , you disable one , others will works less effectively. not saying those ads.


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It is kind of difficult to pick Avast when Norton is a security suite
Totaly agree;)
@madscientist24 you can have NIS for free and you are thinking Avast free:Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK):? Oh come on.
I used NIS version 21 last year and it used about 20 MB of RAM with 4 processes, it was very light on system
and SONAR worked very good.
For me NIS is a very good choice.
I hope i have helped:)
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Avast should be enough as long as you're careful around the internet. It's pretty light although the ads are annoying at times.
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This review makes me think twice about going with Norton :Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK): (though it is dated almost a year ago; but its the same product, Norton Security v22).
Pretty damning it seems, of SONAR and all :(.

In contrast, avast free with HIPS (reviewed by the same channel, and recently) performed quite well.
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