Avast! Free Antivirus 2015/2016 beta3 vs Eset Smart Security 9

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List of apps to compare
Avast! Free Antivirus 2015vs Eset Smart Security 9
What I am most interested about
Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality


Pls Help Me to decided which one should i go with? My eset smart security licence end in 15 days.Pls give your reason.
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I haven't tried Avast 2015/16 Beta but all the previous versions have been too much loaded ones, hate avast because of this.
Using ESET Smart Security 9, fees lighter than even ESET Smar Security 8, loving it.


More relevant comparison would be Avast! Premium (paid) versus ESS 9 (paid).

It comes down to which one performs better on your specific system and which one you prefer.

Protection-wise, ESS 9 is better. However, both provide good base line security for typical daily use - unless you engage daily in high-risk behaviors.

After trying both you might decide neither works for you because of interface or buggy on your specific system.


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Cannot compare a Security suite(ESS9) to an AV program.Paid and free are also different even if the AV is the same.Avast free does not contain a firewall or other tools available in the premium suite versions.
Also one cannot compare beta versions to final releases.


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In independent testing organization, Avast Free usually test against those suite competitors but totality is impractical as they only measure detection rates/prevention/removal only.

If you want to tweak more then go to Avast Free/IS since they provide numerous components to tweak like Hardened Mode meanwhile for strong protection then ESET + HIPS to give you more control.
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Avast is better, even if it's free. You have Hardened Mode + HIPS + NG. The downside of Avast is that you don't have Firewall, you can use the Windows firewall and it's enough.

About the firewall, if you don't know what to allow or block it's useless.
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Pls Help Me to decided which one should i go with? My eset smart security licence end in 15 days.Pls give your reason.
1. Important to exclude the use of Beta software.
2. ESET Smart Security is a full suite, and would be comparable to Avast Internet Security, (includes: Anti-Spam and a Firewall) - Avast Free does not.

Respectively, both ESET Antivirus and Suite, Avast Antivirus and Suite have same levels of detection, but different set of features. For example: Avast Free/Suite will detect Sample X.

@SayanQ I haven't read through all the replies, but why do you not want to renew your ESET license?
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