Overall winner?

  • Avast! Free

    Votes: 23 92.0%
  • AVG Free

    Votes: 2 8.0%
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List of apps to compare
avast! Free Antivirus vs. AVG Free Antivirus
What I am most interested about
Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality


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Hello everyone,

I've got a friend who currently uses avast!, but one of her friends recommended AVG to her. She asked me to decide which is better. I've decided to open up the discussion to the community.

She usually doesn't surf at dangerous webpages (although she sometimes has to visit questionable pages as part of her work) nor downloads unknown stuff, but subtler threats like adware may slip past her, so throughout PUP detection would be nice. She's not too techy, user friendliness and ease of use are top priorities here. Ideally, it should provide a good enough level of detection as well.

Which AV of the two accomplishes this the best? Opinions are welcome!


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My Vote is for Avast. ( With PUP detection Enabled)

1. Avast is very light ( so do AVG).
2. UI wise both are great. Simple yet sweet
3. None of them have firewall.
4. Behavioral blocker is good in avast but when you set AVG's identity protection to highest AVG's behaviroal blocker also improves

Avast's advantage over AVG
1. Detection is very fast in Avast.
2. AVG many times fails to remove the virus in spite of detecting it.
3. AVG's behavioral blocker is very very slow.
4. I find avast's WebBlocker better than AVG's link scanner.
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Personally I would prefer Avast Free is lightweight and has a good detectability.
AVG is also a good program but sometimes suspend the pages browser and slightly slows down the system.
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