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I haven't used avast for a while so I thought of downloading it and trying.

The other day I was looking to avast 6 features and I came across this feature called as "SafeZone". I clicked it and it switched me to an avast OS. They only include a browser, no my computer or documents. I thought it will be nice to test malware links in it.

Is avast SafeZone good or should I continue with my VMware Win-7 OS to test malwares. I felt no slow down while using SafeZone.



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SafeZone isn't meant for testing malware links, nor is it an OS.

The avast! SafeZone is special web browser in avast! Pro Antivirus 6.x and avast! Internet Security 6.x, which allows you to browse the web in a private, secure environment, invisible to the rest of your system.
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Remember to buy Avast, if you want to continue using Avast! Pro, or Internet Security. Or check to see if there are any license giveaways.
Okay. Sorry, I didn't knew if it was an OS or anything. Was new to avast, that's why I asked. But you can use VMware too for doing your banking, transaction etc. Right?

I do have a license key. My dad got it few months ago but didn't use it.
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