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Hi everyone,

new beta version 17.6.2308 is released.

What's new
- Anti-phishing in Web Shield - Web Shield now blocks Phishing sites even without the browser plugin Avast Online Security installed in the browser
- New Cleanup Premium - Cleanup is now standalone application, in beta you can use it even without license
- New detection dialogues also for Behavioral Shield
- Improved flow of all detection dialogues
- Fixed animation of systray icon

Known issues
- Active Game Mode does not suspend Avast pop-up dialogues
- Avast service random crashes
- Cleanup installation sometimes does not work on Windows 10

Download links:
BETA testing - Overview & Download links

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.



Level 8
Lets hope they are not going this way that popups comes in the middle of a screen when it blocks malware , like in previous beta !
[2306] Threat Protection Dialog Opinion
I actually kind of prefer them in the middle of the screen.

I find it almost too easy for some users to ignore bottom right hand of screen pop ups (avast, toast notifications)
I know my wife has for blocked web domains a few times lol

I may be the only one though.
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