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Captain Awesome

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Hi everyone,

new beta version 17.6.2308 is released.

What's new
- Anti-phishing in Web Shield - Web Shield now blocks Phishing sites even without the browser plugin Avast Online Security installed in the browser
- New Cleanup Premium - Cleanup is now standalone application, in beta you can use it even without license
- New detection dialogues also for Behavioral Shield
- Improved flow of all detection dialogues
- Fixed animation of systray icon

Known issues
- Active Game Mode does not suspend Avast pop-up dialogues
- Avast service random crashes
- Cleanup installation sometimes does not work on Windows 10

Download links:
BETA testing - Overview & Download links

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.



Level 5
Malware Tester
Wow, the recent changes betas in AVAST is tempting me to try it again with behavioral shield, web protection without the need for the extension on the browsers, seems like they are going in a interesting way to improve.


Level 8
Lets hope they are not going this way that popups comes in the middle of a screen when it blocks malware , like in previous beta !
[2306] Threat Protection Dialog Opinion
I actually kind of prefer them in the middle of the screen.

I find it almost too easy for some users to ignore bottom right hand of screen pop ups (avast, toast notifications)
I know my wife has for blocked web domains a few times lol

I may be the only one though.
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