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Hi everyone,

new beta version 18.1.2324 (build 18.1.3787.0) was released.


1) NEW PRODUCT - Avast AntiTrack
  • Standalone product offered via Avast
  • Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Edge
  • Helps with staying anonymous when browsing with one-click functionality
  • Helps with keeping the users browsing history private
  • Helps with stopping ads from following the user through the browsing experience
  • Protects against online identity theft
  • Currently not visible in Avast UI, but you can download and activate the product here:
Download link
Activation code: 540A-EE7E-818D-E716-1CD8

2) New Anti-Exploit module for better protection against exploits, shellcode and other malicious PE files
3) Changes in minimal installation components (now Behavioral shield is included)
4) In case that DNS does not resolve our installation and update URLs correctly, the program will use Google DNS servers

Bug fixes

Fixed bug when games were minimizing themselves every 30 minutes
Fixed problems with Outlook plugin
Fixed name of Avast window in task bar
Fixed Help screen (help was not displaying proper page on some places in UI - typically in settings)
Fixed Boot Time Scan
Fixed bug which caused that Last computer scan time was not displayed correctly

Download links:
BETA testing - Overview & Download links

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.

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