Captain Awesome

Level 21
Malware Tester
Hi everyone,

new beta version 19.2.2362 (build 19.2.4172) is released.

What's new
- Build version displayed in UI now shows also the version of latest uupdate which was delivered to the PC (for example: before 19.2.4159.0 and after 19.2.4159.111). You can now better recognize if you have applied our latest hot-fixes.
- Removed Morphisec integration code - this experimental feature was removed from our product
- New screens for creating and scheduling custom scans

What was fixed
- Fixed random crashes
- Fixed BSOD in aswNetSec.sys
- Option to install SafePrice extension for Firefox is back
- Tray icon status is now better synced with the main status on dashboard
- Fixed crash when user activates more licenses at the same time

Download links:

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.

New Beta version 19.2.2362