Captain Awesome

Level 21
Malware Tester
Hi all,

new beta version is live: 2016.12.1.2264
In this beta we focused on internal improvements and bugfixes.


+ Internal enhancements of the licensing component
+ Fixed problem with closing post-update window
+ SecureLine icon issues fixed
+ SafeZone browser - Introducing New Pay Mode

Known issues:

- Data Shredder UI doesn't work correctly
- User interface might freeze after inserting a license
- Passwords Extension installation status is not updated during passwords activation, user has to wait for skip link to be shown (30s) to be able continue
- SafeZone Browser - Sometimes, Pay Mode fails to start. Restart of the browser should help
- SafeZone Browser - Dummy notifications and landing pages of Pay mode

NEW: Beta version released - 2016.12.1.2264