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Hi all,

new beta version is live: 2016.12.1.2266
In this beta we focused on internal improvements and bugfixes.


+ SecureLine internal enhancements
+ Firewall profile switching rewritten
+ Avast screens are not displayed on Windows 10 lockscreens anymore
+ Boot time scan feature is now being downloaded on-demand
+ Fixed showing restart dialog too often and ignore postpone times

Known issues:

- User interface might freeze after inserting a license
- User interface might freeze when starting smart scan
- SafeZone Browser - Sometimes, Pay Mode fails to start. Restart of the browser should help
- SafeZone Browser - Dummy notifications and landing pages of Pay mode
- Boot time scan "on-demand download" does not work
- HNS scan sometimes does not finish at all

Download links as usual or just update your current beta.


1. Download the beta installers:


Offline beta installers:
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