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Good news everyone,
new stable version 18.6.2349 has just been released. This time it's more about fixes and internal improvements.

What's new:

- Do Not Disturb Mode replaces Game Mode and adds support for non-game apps too

- Edge extension replaces the Internet Explorer one (Get Avast Online Security - Microsoft Store)

- SecureLine VPN component won't be part of AV. User will be offered to install standalone VPN client independent from AV (staged release not for all users now)

- Support for scanning TLS 1.3 traffic via Web Shield (Chrome, Firefox)

- Automatic redirect to search page if domain isn't found


- Firewall notification not displayed when network changed
- Detection dialog not displayed for Web Shield when set to Ask
- Wrong reporting of Wi-Fi Inspector scan progress percent
- Site blocking works again
- Rescue disc
- Reporting of AV and Firewall state to Windows Security Center
- Explorer scan result not added to Notification Center
- Removed Enable offline mode option in free version tray icon

How to install:

1. Update from your existing Avast version via Settings -> Update -> Update program

2. Or you can download and install from here

Online installers (recommended):

Offline installers:

We hope you enjoy the new version!

For upcoming versions we work on completely new settings and full 64-bit version ;-)
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