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Source:NEW Version: 19.4.2374 (April 2019)
Good news everyone!
New stable version 19.4.2374 has just been released.

What's NEW:

- We're migrating all our SafeZone users to the new Avast Secure Browser
- File Shield is now running sanboxed for higher security (aswEngSrv.exe process)

What we FIXED:

- AvLaunch won't show up twice in the Startup menu anymore
- HTTPS scanning now works with the latest versions of Firefox
- We'll now link you to a specific help article when Wi-Fi Inspector finds a vulnerability

How to install:

1. Update from your existing Avast version via Settings -> Update -> Update program

2. Or you can download and install from here

Online installers (recommended):


Internet Security:


Offline installers:

We hope you enjoy the new version!
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Level 52
Hi anyone know if i need behaviour blocker on avast if i have voodooshield installed? Thks
I don't see why you wouldn't use it. I used AVG + VS and I used the 3 main components File, Web and Behavior Shields. Otherwise just use VS alone and configure your browser accordingly.


Level 19
Ok for now i just have av and web working with avast, i find the bb on avast slows things down a touch.

If i was to get rid of avast and just use VS with NVT armor ,what can i use for web pretection/ Thks