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I recently installed Avast Premier 2018, and I noticed that with the Web Module installed, my browsing slowed down significantly. I tried adjusting sensitivity to Low , and unchecking SSL scanning but neither helped.

I have now removed the module, and now my browsing is a lot faster.

My question is for max protection and least intrusiveness using least ram, what modules do I actually need, and what settings should I make to each module?

Currently, I am also using Hardened Mode set to Moderate, and have checked Cybercapture.

For clarity the modules remaining that I use after removing the Web Module are: File Shield, Behavior Shield, Mail Shield, Ransomware Shield, Webcam Shield, and the Firewall. Btw, Sandbox is available if I need it.

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block most avast's telemetry using hosts

you can speed up web browsing speed a bit by disabling "Use intelligent stream scanning" in web shield setting menu
I admit avast web shield isn't optimized

you can speed up avast speed a bit by disabling "Use transient caching" in file shield -> advanced
add exclusion to some folders


here are some of my settings but it didn't reflect everything
at screenshot #6, I add some following extensions: js, jse, jsw, bat, cmd, scr, ps1, vbs, hta, vbe, wsf

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