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Hello All!
So, the title of this thread should be sufficient for what I want to know :).

So I used avast some 4 - 5 years ago (the free version). And it was all good.
For some reason, I just felt the urge to use avast again. But this time, using their entire suite.

So my question are:
.In what state is avast in currently? (Is it any good?)
.How is it compared to KIS 15 and Comodo?
.Is their firewall still good? (how does it compare to comodo's award winning firewall?)
.How is it with privacy? (does it work well with Cyberghost & utorrent?)

If I recall correctly their sandbox was really good (like sandboxie)
is this still the case?

I think that is all :).
As a side question. Is cyberghost any good for privacy / torrenting?

Thanks for all answers :)

(Machine this will be used on, if its recommended and good Windows 8.1 x64)


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Caution is not the same thing :D

Avast VPN is a software that to change IP and surf anonymously.

Ghostery blocks trackers on the browser ;)
yeah I know, my brain wasn't working correctly when I wrote that :p

I mean how is avast vpn compared to cyberghost vpn (they currently have a "snowden edition" that has a fairly nice price)


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Avast is a very well developed and mature product, their engine is one of the best in my opinion, the program is stable (though the web shield is suffers from some reported slow-downs at the moment). Comodo as an antivirus, I wouldn't recommend it, the firewall however is pretty good but Avast's is certainly comparable in performance.

Manzai has pretty much said everything else very well :)

Edit: For Avast VPN vs. Cyberghost, I would say Cyberghost runs faster for me, but I guess it depends on where in the world you're located and what servers are nearby etc. Some other members here should have more experience than me with this since it's been a while since I used Avast Secureline (it's probably improved a great deal)


Those antivirus company VPN services are based on OpenVPN ??