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How avast! SecureLine works?

Unsecured Wi-Fi Internet communications, regardless how good your security software, can be exploited for data theft. While communicating with any website/server, your data transmits through a large number of devices. Although many of these devices are secure, it can occur that a hacker gains access to some device and monitors data being transmitted. avast! SecureLine is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which creates a virtual encryption ‘tunnel’ to secure your Internet communications. Data is then decoded at the VPN server, using advanced encryption protocols to significantly decrease your risk.
More Info about avast! SecureLine and SecureLine Pro

Subscription-based product.

Does anyone know what software it's based upon?


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No Australian servers. A shame. Reminds me of Comodo's TrustConnect. No idea what it's based upon.


Interesting VPN solution and cheap. Servers location are also around me. Might consider this.