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Second Software Analyzer test, this time for the newest AVG Antivirus BETA2. It is not expected for a behavior blocker alone to detect everything, but it certainly detects a lot of stuff on its own.

I've also noticed during testing that Software Analyzer is fully independent and doesn't rely on other components like Online Shield (unlike CyberCapture), so I'll be disabling it in the next tests (it was interfering a bit this time). I will slowly evolve the testing methodology to a point when it'll be perfect. For now, use it as a basic way to understand how often Software Analyzer alone gets triggered by various types of malware.

Bonus point for blocking ransomware sample. It partially damaged Windows, but failed to encrypt image files, which means important user files (like images) were protected and that's really cool.
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The new "detection sounds" of AVG are from Avast products, and simply LOL at the evil-pig looking malware pictures on detection pop-up! A great way to persuade average user that the file/webpage is truly evil (malware)! :D New GUI looks promising btw.

Thank you for the test, product is in Beta so I do expect more to come until stable version release, but still it did some good job there. :)