-Nice UI
-Light on system
-Phishing scored 2/3
-High detection rate 99.5%
-Low memory usage (25MB)
-Ads for paid products are little bit annoying.

Overall rating:
. Thanks for watching and enjoy ;) !



Level 5
AVG scores quite good in tests, but it's something strange that almost the 90% of the infected PCs i've ever seen was "protected" by AVG... :rolleyes:

Maybe it's just the most used AV... maybe not... ;)

Thanks for testing :)
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Level 21
I like AVG. It's so light on system. For normal user it's good option. But if you play with lots of Zero Day Malware then it's not good.
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Level 18
I used to be a fan of AVG. I like the whole behavior of the program, the way that alerts are showing, the colors of the UI,the system response with AVG....but it seems AVG is going down since 2013.Most of the reviews i have seen was showing a mediocre result.
I always keep my eyes on AVG. If someday the detection rate/Identity protection will be improved more, then i will be the first to install it immediately
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