Level 22
For this Christmas 2018, you may have a computer, but a paid antivirus does better work than a free?
For this test, we compared AVG Free with ESET Nod32 because they are one of the antivirus that we have the most bluffed this year.

For AVG, the installation is very fast, clear interface.
Detections URLs are very good, and in file too.
The software is very fast, resistant and even blocking the attack with our homemade malware.

Regarding ESET, the interface is very complete and the antivirus is more configurable than AVG on this point.
The URL detection is very good even if 2 - 3 threats are passed.
In detection, ESET scores well but less than AVG, which has detected more.
However, malicious software passes, crashes the system twice, and kills the computer the third time.
ESET is unfortunately not pro-active enough, and it feels!


Level 41
AVG, all of the spying aside, is quite decent but suffers from some bugs. For example the firewall can cause system instability and blocking of legitimate applications so it requires some babysitting. I was unable to get one particular game (forgot by now) working with the firewall even enabled at all, despite passthrough rules.

Otherwise, if you can tolerate the spying, it's a good suite IMO.


Level 12
Malware Tester
Could you share the eset tweaks or tutorials regarding it please.. Thanks :oops:
Read through the links that Kylprq has provided. I go agree with davisd. Regarding tweaking ESET @RoboMan will be able to help you out. He has helped me too but remember that copying settings is not the end thing. You have to be familiar with how each component works and learn about the product. If you allow or deny the wrong stuff, you either let malware in or you mess up your system.