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Overall I would think AVG Free Antivirus performs better than Panda Free, although I have yet to try the latest version in the past 3 months.

AVG isn't exactly a breeze to install, as a Free product they may be bundled with bloatware (unneeded additional software or features). Some users may point out a concern with AVG's current Privacy Policy and Terms.


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Well in reality, cloud detection should perform better since the rapid of information can provide an accurate detection; however for Panda Free is different. (passive and behavior analysis is mediocre)

Meanwhile for AVG free is balance with standard signatures, some form of cloud and Identity Protection (BB).


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That depends on you. If you want a light, good and trustworthy antivirus then get panda. If u want a more complex and with more componets get Avg.


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AVG seems more stable in terms of software, in the past Panda blue screened my computer many times and their support was not helpful at all. Had a very bad experience with them.


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I would go with Avg between the two of them personally.

Panda while a solid AV has a few drawbacks, mainly slow scan speeds as well as some UI problems (few minute late detection popups)


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I just fixed a client's computer that had AVG free on it. It's a single-core with xp; if any computer will show AV slowdowns, it's this one.

The computer was slow due more to AVG than its age. I replaced AVG with Panda free and Malwarebytes Antimalware free.

Malwarebytes & adwcleaner removed 130 items that AVG didn't flag (adware/spyware, nothing destructive). This is normal for computers brought to me with AVG on it. Perhaps if they spent more development time on malware removal and less on "clean-up/tune-up" junkware...

It runs the latest Firefox and Office 2003 just fine now. I don't know why av-test keeps rating AVG as high performance and Panda as low performance as my experience has always been the opposite.


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I choose none but if I had to I would have to go with AVG since I have had issues with Panda literally crashing my system, and if I'm not mistaken Panda requires internet access for protection since it's cloud based.
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