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Level 3

Get a free license for AVG Internet Security for 1 year. Comprehensive AVG Internet Security antivirus protects your computer from viruses, network attacks and ensures user privacy.

AVG Internet Security provides comprehensive protection for your computer from hackers and all kinds of malware. Blocking ransomware trojans and spyware.

Some features of AVG Internet Security:
  • Site Authentication.
  • Bilateral firewall .
  • Internet and email protection.
  • Webcam protection from espionage.
  • An analysis of the suspicious behavior of an application.
License Features:
  • The license is granted for 1 year and expands upon activation to almost two.
  • For use on one personal computer.
  • There is no free technical support.
  • For personal use only.


Level 1
The AVG Internet Security and AVG Tuneup license durations using the provided activation code have been modified downward -- to 366 days -- from the nearly 2-years duration available early-on in this giveaway.

In addition to the shorter duration, a different user name is indicated on the later-resulting license file.

Everyone who achieved the earlier near-2-years activation should backup their license file, found in the "Program Data>AVG>Subscriptions" folder, just in case a need to uninstall/reinstall AVG Internet Security and/or AVG Tuneup occurs in the future.


Level 1
AVG's update server is now changing the earlier-established near-2-year license to a 1-year license. No usefulness in archiving the early-adopter licenses after all.

Still, one year free of charge is much appreciated!


Level 1
My license duration reduction experience was the result of uninstalling the near-2-year licensed AVG Internet Security -- with the already installed AVG Tuneup remaining in place, and then reinstalling AVG Internet Security without the Firewall component, due to my interest in running free Comodo Firewall with Cruel Sister's configuration.

After the reinstall, it was necessary to enter the provided activation code into AVG Internet Security once again, and then to reboot, which triggered a program update and subsequently, the 1-year license duration was reflected in both programs, where prior to the reinstall, AVG Tuneup showed a near-2-year license duration.

Presumably, AVG remapped the provided activation code to the new user name and 1-year-only license duration, which is reflected in modified the AVG license file.


Level 1
AVG has apparently vacated the 1-year licenses which the activation code provided to AVG Internet Security and AVG Tuneup.

An AVG notification indicating a restart was needed appeared on my PC, something which occurred in the past for a program update.

Following the restart, AVG Internet Security and AVG Tuneup both indicated as Free functionally-limited versions with 366 day licenses.

It was nice while it lasted!