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Get a free license for AVG TuneUp for one year. The comprehensive AVG TuneUp utility helps you tune, optimize and improve the performance of your computer.

AVG TuneUp is designed for comprehensivecomputermaintenance and optimization . Using this program you can speed up the Windows system, free up space , troubleshoot and improve stability.

Some features of AVG TuneUp:
  • Automatic computer maintenance.
  • Cleaning and defragmenting the registry .
  • Batch shutdown of programs and disabling autorun.
  • Removing junk files, cache and cookies from browsers.
  • Free up disk space.
Supported Operating Systems :
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 (32 or 64-bit)

AVG TuneUp | Clean & Speed Up Your PC | Free Download



License Features:
  • The license is granted for 1 year and expands upon activation to almost two.
  • For use on one personal computer.
  • There is no free technical support.
  • For personal use only.
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if you have autoruns, ccleaner, and the windows built-in defragger ... does AVG do anything else not covered by these?
It offers very little else. It has an automatic software updater. While this sounds good in theory, it would appear that it only supports a very limited range of software. In terms of junk cleaning, I don't feel it offers any benefit over CCleaner. Wise Disk Cleaner can clean more junk than CCleaner does. But I don't think you'll find much difference between CCleaner and AVG. Other than that, its registry cleaner, unlike CCleaner's, doesn't have any issues with false positives.

It's safe to use and shouldn't cause any problems. But at this point in this, there is nothing remarkable about it, other than it can do automatic cleaning in the background. You may as well stick with Autoruns and CCleaner. I would suggest you don't use the registry cleaner in CCleaner, as sometimes, it will want to remove valid registry keys. You generally never need to clean the registry anyway.


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@ChoiceVoice It used to be better than most cleaning softwares 9 years ago but after AVG bought TuneUp they did nothing to improve this software so I would advise against using it now.
The current version, is a complete rewrite, which actually removes some functionality. But they are going to be adding more features soon.

At least, it still is safe to use.


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it used to be a good program, but now it's not.
this soft does nothing more about what is built into the system and otherwise it has worsened, I have not used this software for a long time.:p