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Hi all,

we just released new beta AVG 17.5.3017.

What's new:
- Antiransomware protection
- Password protector - new product to protect passwords stored in your browser
- Tiny Firewall for blocking EternalBlue exploit - (internal) It is a part of StreamFilter, turned ON/OFF by Online Shield

Antiransomware protection provides next layer of
security which protects your selected folders against to unwanted
modification. These folders are protected by default: %user%/Documents,

1. Install AVG Internet Security Beta
2. Prepare a folder for testing - create a new one and add some files into the folder - for example test.doc
3. Select this folder to be protected: Menu -> Ransomware Protection -> Select Strict Mode.
Select "Protected folders" from the left panel and add your folder for testing.
You can change file extensions: "Click on Change protected file types".

now this files from this folder are protected against modification. Try
to change files, allow and block apps. Turn off whole Antiransomware
protection etc..

Try smart mode too:
Menu -> Ransomware Protection -> Select Smart Mode. Remove all blocked
apps and allowed apps. Try to modify files from your test folder.
Trusted apps are allowed to modify your files. Trusted apps are commonly
used applications (e.g. Microsoft Word, Total commander, Notepad) that
our antivirus recognizes as safe.

Known issues:
- Password protector - browser protection not ready yet
- Disabling Ransomware protection does not work properly
- Licensing for Password protector not finished

Download links:

AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG Internet Security

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.

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Yes it is in free version also.
See post Lord_Ami

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AVG Antivirus Beta 17.5.3017

No, there is only in IS...

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