Avira Free Antivirus sends suspicious files to Protection Cloud (APC)

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    Disclaimer: I am neither an Avira or Malware-testing expert. Not click-bait either.

    For Avira Antivirus users, you can enable this setting to get a notification before Avira wants to a Suspicious File(s) to their Cloud; Avira Protection Cloud (APC) for analysis.

    Taken today, as tried to run a file from a simple web search - not recommended. It has a re-assuring fact that it's monitoring for anything suspicious. Avira Protection Cloud asking for permission with a list of file(s):


    If found unwanted or malicious, it will be dealt with by Avira Antivirus - Security Alert shown below:


    If you like what you see, you can enable this option in the settings window below:

    Open Avira > Extra > Configuration (F8) > General > Advanced Protection.
    Make sure "Enabled Protection Cloud" is checked and then mark "Confirm manually when sending suspicious files to Avira" > Apply and OK to save changes.


    Sending suspicious files to Avira may vary depending on your computer usage and downloading habits.
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    All correct.
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    I don't know why APC only works running files... :confused:
    It should work with real-time protection, before running suspicious files... :rolleyes:
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    that's the difference between free and pro version of Avira
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    I found something new today, I dont know if this is new at all

    but Cloud seems to work on on demand now :)
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    If you read your Avira scan logs, you will see that some file hashes are checked with the cloud, without needing to upload an actual file. If the file is found in the cache, the Protection Cloud will be skipped for that file.

    It seems that in the case of something unknown, or really suspicious, it can request a file upload. In practice, I rarely see this happen, and my system is set to prompt for upload.
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