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Good morning, I have started testing Avira Free antivirus and I'm pleased about the results, but I have a question about his updates.. I used this product in the past and I remember that I had to manually update it each time because it wasn't updating automatically.. Is there a way to set the product for automatic updates? I took a look at the settings and there is an option to automatically update at a certain time, but I didn't see anything other..


But Avira Protection Cloud Protect you if you don,t have latest signatures

Sorry if i am Wrongo_O
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Running Avira Free here also. Seems to be the update default is set at every 2 hours. Anyway, anyone can change it to his preference.
Then they have changed it. When I used Avira about two years ago, it was minimum 3 hours you had to wait for updates for the free version if I remember well.
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Avira APC has been kicking it all the time...when a unknown file is seen or executed APC kicks in and analyzes it in cloud in a matter of seconds and untill then the file is not allowed to do changes to the system.I am very pleased on the work they have done with APC it's been impressive since the start of this year.I just tried the lastest malware pack over here and APC kicked in when I tried executing the remaining and wiped the missed samples out.

Avira is definately back to their very best.
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