Battle Avira Free vs Malwarebytes Pro

Software comparison
Avira Free vs Malwarebytes Pro
Feature comparison
  1. Impact on hardware performance
  2. Core protection (malware and heuristic engine)
  3. Internet protection (web filtering, anti-phishing, anti-spam, browser extension)
  4. Proactive protection (anti-exploit, behavior blocker, IDS-HIPS, sandbox)
  5. Machine learning and A.I. capabilities
  6. My privacy (GDPR, data handling, privacy policies)


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Apr 1, 2019
Hi, I was wondering if Avira free or Malwarebytes Pro is the lightest on CPU and Disk performance. Also, which one has the best Privacy policy.

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I recently tested Malwarebytes pro on my gaming machine and it had an incredibly low background impact, especially CPU. It did have an issue that it wouldn’t stay registered in Windows Security Center. I haven’t tested Avira. Also, last time I checked Malwarebytes had a decent privacy policy and their browser extension is one of the more privacy friendly.