Level 63
Those are the latest changes we did for update 7:
° Fixed a bug in the web protection module which prevented some pages to load completely.
° Fixed a bug in the web protection module which caused a high CPU usage while browsing.
° Internal security improvements
° Adjust description text in custom setup to state clear APC is also installed
° Version info of avlode.rdf & avlode.dll missing on the Scanner Logfile & About Window
° Quick scan profile description not correct
° Updater-GUI: No Mouseover hand displayed for the "Help" Icon
° Fixed random WebGuard issue when downloading large files
° AVCenter crashes when opened during some time without any user interaction
° AV FREE: After proceeding a product update without final reboot request the OE Launcher installation is offered two times
° regsrv32.exe crashes installing the server kit
° Default width of version column in About dialog too small to display complete version number
° Avira Server Security - BSOD on HyperV Cluster

Please focus in this version on browsing speed and performance when using Avira with Web Protection.