Expired Avira Prime - free license for 3 months

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How to get a free Avira Prime license for three months

1.Go to the offer page,enter the email address and press the green button.
2 . Go to the link from the letter by clicking "Accept and install ".
3. Finish your registration by entering the password to your account, and click "Continue."
4. For the current device, the program will be downloaded automatically.

On other platforms, produce an installation through Avira's personal office.


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Apr 13, 2014
Free license for the integrated antivirus package Avira Prime for 3 months.

Avira Prime includes premium programs: antivirus, VPN service, computer optimizer, application blocking and parental control for Android platforms, password manager and software update tool.

Avira Prime is the maximum security package for all your devices

  • Antivirus protection detects malware and online threats in real time.
  • Provides software updates and computer device drivers.
  • Blocks infected sites, browser trackers and intrusive advertising.
  • Speeds up your computers and smartphones and tablets.
  • Blocks phishing sites and unwanted subscribers.
  • Anonymous and encrypts web browsing.
  • Generates and memorizes passwords for you.

Features of the free Avira Prime license

  • Licensed for any five Windows,MacOS, Android and iOS devices.
  • The ability to upgrade to new versions for the duration.
  • The subscription will end after three months.