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Avira products are developed and maintained with a long-term view. This approach provides our business customers with the security they need to make investments and for planning.
The Avira philosophy is based upon the following:
  1. Avira gives notice at least 3 years in advance of the discontinuation of an Avira product or operating system.
  2. Avira supports all operating systems 12 months longer, as a rule, than the producer of the operating system.
  3. For Microsoft´s operating systems Avira adds 12 months to Microsoft's 'Mainstream Support End Date' for its end of support date.
  4. For Apple operating systems Avira supports the last 2 operating system versions.
You can find out which operating system is compatible with the product you require in the relevant product description under "System Requirements".
Does this mean Windows 7 users (home and business) have until January 2018 to use Avira software?

See table here.

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This is also worth analyzing:

Extended support for Windows 7 is up until January 14, 2020. Judging by the Avira philosophy, for Microsoft OSs, they consider the "Mainstream Support End Date", which is January 13, 2015. But, they support all OSs, as a rule, 12 months longer than the OS producer, which date should be the extended support date.
Something is really confusing here.
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