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EU-Cleaner has been released for EU, languages include; German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

If you're a BETA tester, you'll receive this via Email with Downloads links.

The EU-Cleaner is the next logical step after the DE-Cleaner and will now expand the Antibotnet Initiative to include the countries of the European Union.


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Avira has announced the availability of the Avira PC Cleaner, a simple stand-alone antivirus scanner.

The program is a mere 2.17MB download and doesn’t require any installation, reducing the chance of any conflicts with existing security tools. It scanned our test system quickly, detecting and removing a malware sample.
One potential problem is that the Cleaner needs to download up to 100MB of updates the first time it runs, so can’t easily be used offline.

The other complication will be visible just as soon as the program launches: the interface is currently only available in German. This isn’t necessarily a fatal issue, as the Cleaner is simple and you’ll probably have to click no more than four buttons (Avira’s blog spells most of this out). But agreeing to a program license which you can’t read always makes us a little queasy, even for a trusted company like Avira.

If you’re an Avira fan, then (or you can read German), Avira PC Cleaner does give you a useful way to scan other systems for malware. Otherwise, just a wait a while; an English language version is apparently due soon.
Download (German)
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Oh, at first seeing the headlines and the name of the software, i though they made something like Ccleaner/Privazer!!!!:oops:
BTW, they should made english version too..


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Avira has just released the English version of its PC Cleaner, a standalone scanner designed to be used as a complementary security solution.
The application is free of charge and does not conflict with other anti-malware alternatives available on the system. It is a simple tool that scours the most important parts of the system in search for malware.

The product has two scan modes, with the default one searching through areas most likely for malware to lodge in. A full scan covers all the drives on the system and it takes much longer to complete.

In both cases, all loaded processes are verified, together with their modules.

When first initiated, Avira PC Cleaner checks for updates and downloads the necessary files (if any) to a temporary directory. Also, it will place two icons on the Desktop, one for launching the utility and the other for removing it from the computer.

Sorin Mustaca, security expert at Avira, has told us that malware detection in PC Cleaner relies on threat signatures, generic signature detection, as well as the heuristic technology, capable of uncovering threats that have not yet been classified.

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