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Level 22
These are the latest changes of the new builds:

Never expire anymore
A consumer paid product will no longer remain without updates after the product is no longer licensed. It continues to get updates (product and signature) and Real-time protection while reminding the user that he has to renew the license. All other services remain disabled.

• After installation, start the updater by default in silent mode
• After installation, start the on demand scanner by default in minimized mode
• After installation don’t show the “Welcome” slideup
• If an installation via Webloader is interrupted the user is asked if he intends to resume later. In this case the downloaded files are kept until the user decides to no longer continue the installation.
• If an installation via Setup (full kit or webloader) is interrupted, the user is asked if he wants to resume later.
• If an installation is interrupted because of a reboot required by the Incompatible software removal then the installation is going to be resumed automatically after reboot

• Integrate the Avira URL Cloud in LocalDecider used in Advanced Real-time protection and Quick System Scan. This will block files downloaded from the Internet if the Avira’s URL cloud detects them as suspicious.

Bug fixes:
• Improvements in stability of WebProtection and Mail Protection
• Improvements in speed of WebProtection
• Fixes in Real-time protection
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